The Earth is our home and we want to do our part to make sure there's still a road to drive on. We are continuously working towards reducing our footprint by:

Keeping offices free of single-use plastic, using tree-free paper products, compostable cleaning products and always making the most sustainable choice!

 Asking our students to BYOB! 

Bringing your own water bottle to refill before class or lessons, 

helps us use less plastic and save you money.

Transitioning into electric and Solar Energy!

We're working on making our cars electric and going completely solar.

We aim to be Carbon Neutral by 2024!

Thumbs Up Driving School was founded by our family, we've been in the business for over 20 years and now aim to provide services to our home The Bronx. 

What makes us special and sets us apart from other schools is our ability to teach our students like they're family. We aim to make our students safe drivers and prepare them for the real world, not just to pass the road test. We take pride in the way we teach and welcoming every student to that school.

Our staff's goal is to support you while you learn and get your license as fast as possible! 

When you see our signature royal blue cars, give us a thumbs up! đź‘Ť

"The Best Driving School In The Bronx!"