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These are some forms you are going see during your licensing process. Review them and the expiration dates of your documents to save you some money in the future! 

Here's some more tips! You can also find more info on the DMV Site

License Applicants

     ID 44 How to Apply for Permit/License | MV 44 - Application for Permit/License/ID Card | MV 264 - Online Permit Test Application 

Under Age 18 Applicants:

MV 45 - Proof of Identity for Guardianship for Minors  | MV 262 - Supervised Driving Validation | MV 263 Parent/Guardian Online Permit Test Certification 

Online Permit Test/DMV Appointment Help/Road Test

Learning Materials

Here's some great things to know before you get behind the wheel:

DMV Road Test Help & More of our recommended * Videos

TUDS Driving Lesson Overview

Each lesson is personalized by your instructors to enhance your learning quality and our teaching skills based on your experience. The first behind-the-wheel lesson after the 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course is complete, is a run-down of the ins & outs of the car and traffic law. Lecture length can vary based on how much you do or don't know about reading the road.
*We recommend taking a 90 minute lesson to start!*


Lesson Evaluation Sheet | Instructor Manuver Sheet | Road Test Examiner Sheet